Dance Forms

Our diverse program offers training in all of the following 5 dance disciplines: ballet, hip hop, contemporary, tap and jazz. Instructors are well-versed in the various styles within each discipline and will provide an effective overview of these styles. As dancers come into our program with differing levels with each style, we encourage each person to push themselves to their own next level - our instructors are skilled in teaching class in such a way to all levels can be addressed within a single classroom.

Creating Dance

There is a strong emphasis in the Mirror Program on learning to choreograph - students are required to create a dance piece for presentation at the Mirror Year End Production each year. Students will learn how to generate choreography and will be supported with extensive feedback from our staff to facilitate the development of well-honed choreographies. Each dancer will be permitted to create choreography in the form of their choice. By year 4 students launch a full-length dance production on a city stage, complete with training in lighting cues, multi-media and inter-disciplinary collaboration.


We believe that one of the most important components of training up healthy and effective dancers is to build a strong foundation of personal wholeness and spiritual depth. Time each week is spent in discipleship groups for discussion and teaching. Each individual's personal and spiritual walk will be cared for in these times - character development and personal growth are the key aims with a constant undercurrent of the integral theme of Biblically-based "faith and art".


Students will be given a certificate for each year of the program and a certificate of completion at the end of the 4 year program. Students have become teachers and performers who are highly valued in the Dance industry.

What's Involved?

The Mirror Program is a unique comprehensive training course specifically designed for young adults who want to train towards a professional level. The dance classes, assignments and discipleship times are integrated in such a way that faith and art become inseparable. We seek to develop dancers who dance and create from a deep connection to life and to the Creator.

Here are the potential outcomes of this training:

  • After 1 year - skill improvement so that you feel more comfortable as a dancer 
  • After 2 years - strengthening your skill and more confident to create your own choreography
  • After 3 years - a strong technical foundation and an ability to teach beginner classes
  • After 4 years - a well-rounded dancer able to go to professional stages, teach in a dance school, join a dance company
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Our dancers are required to secure their own housing and food for the time that they are here. We are in the vicinity of Trinity Western University, so there are many student-friendly housing options in the area. We are close to a major bus route on 200th St., so transportation is easy. We would suggest you look in the Walnut Grove, Willoughby or Jericho Ridge areas of Langley or in the Clayton Heights area of Surrey. Contact us if you need any help on this at

A Community Dance Studio

The Mirror Program runs alongside the Dance Barn Studio, a community Dance Studio which has a student population of about 200 students in evening classes. The Dance Barn loves to get everyone dancing, so we have all ages from 3-53 joining in on the fun of dance training. Check out the Dance Barn site HERE.